Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Life is PINK! (pre-order)

Hi dearies,

We're back with another range of pre-orders! This time its all about scent and we have Victoria's Secert Life is PINK collection up for grabs!! Each bottle is only RM140.00 so drop us an email to order. (Note: please complete your order and payment BEFORE 1/9/2010). We'll courier your lovely perfumes within 2 weeks =)

Life is Pink Wish Pink Eau de Parfum:

It is a very girly fragrance for ultimate girly girl who is addicted to love and lipstick. Pink Wish fragrance is soft and romantic with blend of peony and vanilla. Life is Pink Wish Pink fragrance would be adorn by a girl who likes to be center of attention by dressing in frilliest frocks, collecting pretty things and wearing diamonds and pearls.

Life is Pink Live Pink Eau de Parfum:

Live Pink fragrance is a bright blend of passion fruit and raspberry nectar. It is for a girl, who has uniquely creative personality and likes to take risks. This bright and bold fragrance is for independent thinker who is inspired by art and photography and loves to shop for vintage clothes and listen to obscure bands. Life is Pink Live Pink fragrance is inspired by key moments that shape world of one’s life.

Life is Pink Hope Pink Eau de Parfum:

This aromatic fragrance is for a girl who feels comfiest in a pair of worn jeans and a faded t-shirt along with flip flops or sometime bare feet. Comprising of fresh blend of strawberry and jasmine petals, Life is Pink Hope Pink fragrance is for high school and college girls who writes poetry and picks wild flowers. Girls who love to treasure hunts at the local flea markets will love this fragrance that’s clean and fresh.

update : Life is Pink Wish is out of stock


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